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We are Neuraum

We Shape The Future of Building for a Better Life

We're transforming the home building industry by providing cutting-edge digital solutions that streamline the building journey for construction firms and aspiring homeowners. Our vision: to make home building stress-free, environmentally friendly, affordable, and accessible to everyone.


Our story

Founded in 2015, we have established ourselves as the leading online home building platform in Germany and Austria. Our platform has empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals to realize their dream of building their own home.


Since then, we have expanded our operations to run four of the top consumer building platforms in Germany, and we connect our users with over 400 construction partners to ensure the highest quality building experience.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the home building industry, and we are developing the next generation of home building solutions to support our partners in delivering the best possible experience for home builders.

Our vision is to reshape the home building industry! Product Showcase v3.png

Our service 

We proudly operate the leading digital platform for both users and vendors in the home building sector, serving as the top destination for anyone interested in home building in Germany and Austria. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with our extensive reach through four of the top consumer building websites, solidifies our position as the largest and most innovative platform in the industry.

At the core of our platform lies our advanced matching technology, intelligently connecting the right builders with the ideal building companies. By harnessing the power of our scale and innovative solutions, we ensure our building partners effectively engage with the right customers, leading to increased contract signings and more houses being built. Our tech drives successful partnerships, ultimately fulfilling the unique needs of both builders and building companies within our network.

Our suite of innovative software solutions sets us apart from the competition. We've developed digital tools that revolutionize the home building process, from marketing and contact management to house planning and offer development. By leveraging our solutions, our partners can make the entire building process more efficient and convenient, ultimately fulfilling our vision of reshaping the industry.


Meet the team

Join the team

At Neuraum, we’re not only passionate about what we do, we’re passionate about the team we do it with.


If you’re interested in impactful work that tackles complex challenges with a great team we’d love to speak with you.


Get in touch with us!

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